Coim Turkey

COIM Turkey Polyurethanes and Chemicals Inc. has been established in 2014 as a wholly owned subsidiary of
COIM SpA (Chimica Organica Industriale Milanese) a quality and performance oriented leading global supplier of polyesters and polyurethane systems and chemicals, in an effort to uninterruptedly, safely and efficiently supply  the Turkish industry with high performance product groups, and at the same time with the vision to provide further solutions, extra added value and enhanced quality of life for their customers. 

COIM Turkey, with an experience exceeding 30 years in the Turkish market, assumes responsibility to help improvements in environmental and economical standards of the community through its technological and innovative vision of production.

COIM Turkey, in addition to COIM product groups, takes pride in serving the Turkish industry as the representatives and or distributors of the world’s leading elite suppliers, namely,

AGC Chemicals Europe, produces Fluon® PTFE and ETFE and markets other fluorinated products, including Fluon® PFA and AFLAS® Fluoroelastomers.

CONTIFIBRE SpA – Polyamide 6.6 yarns


LUCITE International – Acrylic Specialty polymers, Resins

VABER Industriale SpA

Dedication to customer satisfaction, reliability, and the will to achieve the best are among basic principles of our business philosophy.

Our team of experienced and dynamic work force are ready at all times to study and develop exclusive solutions for our customers.

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