Exter S 600

Saturated polyesters for can/coil coating


The Exter S 600 line consists of both solvent-based and water-reducible oil-free saturated polyesters, suitable for the formulation of coatings and varnishes, especially for metal packaging.

Thanks to the expertise built up by its research and development laboratory, Coim is also able to formulate EXTER S 600 line products suitable for applications such as wood varnishes, industry and nail coatings.

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The families
Exter S 600

Can&Coil Coatings

The EXTER S 600 family comprises a vast range of products suitable for the formulation of coatings for various types of metal packaging. The EXTER S 600 range includes polyesters specifically for food and pharma coatings, for use on aluminium and tinplate. The main applications of EXTER S 600 range products are tubes and aerosols, interior coatings, inks and base coat/top coat for 2 or 3 piece cans.

Wood Industry Nail coatings

The EXTER S 600 line includes a range of products specifically for the formulation of nitro-based nail coatings. The range includes adhesion promoters and polyesters for the formulation of clear and pigmented coatings.