Glicerophtalic resins for varnishes


The GLICEXTER line consists of alkyd resins used for the production of solvent-based varnishes and enamels. The main applications of Glicexter range polymers are coating products for industry, for varnishing wood, for construction and for road markings.

GLICEXTER products are subdivided on the basis of polymer oil content: the main categories are short, medium, long and modified oil resins.

of application


The families

Short oil Medium Oil GLICEXTER line products with oil content not exceeding between 45 and 55%.
The GLICEXTER range of products includes resins suitable for the formulation of mono-component coatings for industry and the construction sector. It also comprises specific products for the formulation of filled dual-component wood primers. Long oil Modified resins and oil

The GLICEXTER product range also offers polyurethane resins for the production of electrical insulation coatings.