Hot Cast polyurethane prepolymers


The IMUTHANE product line consists of formulated polyurethane systems and intermediates for the production of technical elastomers, coatings and sealants.

These systems are normally used by manufacturers of technical articles in general, including wheels, vibration dampers and abrasion-resistant coatings, and by polyurethane system formulators in general.

The IMUTHANE line is subdivided into 4 families:
1) TDI, MDI and aliphatic prepolymers
2) TDI and aliphatic prepolymers with very low free monomer content
3) TDI prepolymers with low free monomer content
4) Formulated curing agents and process additives

of application

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The families

Hot Cast polyurethanes prepolimers

IMUTHANE is a family of castable polyurethane prepolymers exhibiting superior abrasion resistance, high tear strength, and excellent load bearing ability.