Monomeric and polymeric plasticizer


PLAXTER are a range of monomeric / polymeric plasticizer used in PVC technologies.

COlM polymeric plasticizers are named PLAXTER P and are used to obtain specific properties required by the end use or the plastic FVC material.

COIM range of polymerics includes a wide scale of products at different molecular weight and dynamic viscosity suitable for several applications. COIM polymeric plasticizer are able to comply requirements of food contact and special technical other demands.

COIM monomeric plasticizer include four family of products as follow:

  •  Adipates for plasticized PVC elastic at cold temperatures.
  •  Benzoates for a real wide range of applications and easy employment as phthalates plasticizers without toxicity restrictions.
  •  Phthalates only for restricted applications in cellulose acetate and organic peroxides fields.
  •  Special product based on sebacic acid.

of application

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The families

Polymeric plasticizers Monomeric plasticizers