Prepolymers and polyols for microcellular polyurethane systems


The UREXTER line consists of polyester-based microcellular polyurethane systems. These systems are made for manufacturing soles in the footwear industry, by casting or injection moulding.

Thanks to the unique properties of polyurethane, UREXTER systems satisfy the fundamental requirements of the footwear sector, including light weight and comfort, combined with good wear resistance.

Exceptionally versatile, UREXTER line formulations can be adapted to meet the varying requirements of the safety, fashion, sport and technical component markets.

of application

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The families


Systems for the Safety market are specifically for the manufacture of safety footwear, where antistatic properties and resistance to oil and solvents are completed by excellent levels of abrasion resistance, comfort and durability.

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Systems for the Fashion market are specifically for the manufacture of casual and fashion items. Their key features are light weight, grip, comfort, abrasion resistance and cold flexural strength which, together with excellent versatility and design freedom, provide the ideal combination for the manufacture of soles and footwear for this sector.

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Systems for the Sport market are specifically for the manufacture of soles for sport footwear. The specific requirements they meet are excellent mechanical properties, very light weight, excellent resistance to hydrolysis and flexural strength. The outstanding combination of these characteristics makes this range a market benchmark. Unlike other polyurethane systems, the Urexter range guarantees excellent bonding with other materials used for footwear production.

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Technical components